Saturday, December 27, 2008

WORLDVIEW PENSION PLAZA - It's just what you need.

Worldview Pension Plaza is ideally located right in the midst of the City's business & commercial district and is only 5 minutes ride from the airport and less than a kilometer away from the port area.

With Silliman University just around the corner with it's vibrant campus life, and restaurant and the city's night life & entertainment centers within just a short walk away, Worldview Pension Plaza can be described as total convenience at it's best right where the action is for any business or leisure trip to Dumaguete.

And with 28 fully-air-conditioned rooms for maximum comfort, backed by a courteous and service oriented staff to cater to our guest every needs, you can always be assured of a pleasant stay at Worldview Pension Plaza all throughout.    

Worldview Pension Plaza also houses the Island Cafe, a cozy nook of simple elegance and quiet ambience which is reflection of the unspoiled and pristine islands of Negros Oriental.

Serving a wide variety of Drinks and Beverages to compliment a truly delectable cuisine of Chinese or Filipino dishes, Eco Food Square Cafe can be a warm and cozy alternative for those personal & intimate moments of conversation or business discussion away from the noise & crowd of the city's urban life.

        Eco Food Square Cafe is also and ideal place for meetings, conference, seminars and other gatherings.

 Make a good choice . . .  Find out the difference.

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